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Criteo: Five Holiday Retail Predictions

Cyber Month will continue to steal Black Friday’s thunder. And stores and online will both be strong this holiday. Those are among the trends and insights in a forecast of the upcoming holiday season by retail media platform Criteo. This year’s holiday season faces some of the same challenges as last year’s — such as supply chin problems and labor shortages — along with a few new ones as gas prices rise and inflation in some parts of the world brings fears of a recession, noted Criteo.

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CRO Brian Gleason on Why Criteo Is ‘Not an Ad Network’

Criteo CEO Megan Clarken took charge in 2019, just weeks before Google confirmed that it was to hammer the final nail into the coffin of third-party cookies — a move that would end ad retargeting as we know it. Historically known as the industry’s go-to retargeting tool, Criteo has since embarked upon an acquisition strategy, with the 2021 purchase of Mabaya, building on its 2016 investment in HookLogic — an ad exchange where brands can buy ads on e-commerce sites. More recently, Criteo’s purchase of IPONWEB was approved, a move some deem crucial to bolstering its footprint on Madison Avenue.

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How Criteo Handled Apple Data Limits and Google’s Post-cookie Chaos

Criteo has revealed new insights into how Apple’s data lockdown affected advertising, how the company is testing post-cookie ad targeting with Google and how it is developing a stronger relationship with Meta.

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Criteo Completes $250M Deal for Ad-Tech Firm Iponweb

Criteo said this week that it completed its previously announced acquisition of Iponweb. The final price tag was $250 million, which is $130 million less than had been projected at the end of 2021, when the deal was in its initial stages. The acquisition brings with it Iponweb’s media-trading marketplace, demand-side platform and supply-side platform, enabling Criteo to ramp up its commerce media strategy and provide easier management of first-party data.

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Artificial Intelligence: How to Stay Competitive

Whether your organization is just starting to explore the possibilities of AI or you’re already looking to expand its applications, here’s why a human-focused strategy will help ensure success.

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Live at Cannes Lions 2022: Unlocking the Power of Commerce with Retail Media

On this very special bonus episode of CMO Moves, Adweek's Chief Content Officer Ann Marinovich sits down with Megan Clarken, CEO at Criteo and Keith Bryan, President of Best Buy Ads & SVP of Media Strategy & CRM at Best Buy for a conversation exploring the opportunities of growing retail media networks, how retailers are leveraging commerce data to prepare for the next phase of advertising, and what it takes to blaze the trail in the evolving commerce media space.

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If Minions Don’t Conquer The World, Brands Will; Criteo Is Back From The Brink

A few years ago, Criteo faced an existential crisis. Apple’s privacy policies seemed purpose-built to take the company. Criteo faced a campaign by hedge fund short-sellers who considered it fraudulent. For a period in 2020, Criteo traded below the value of its cash and owned assets. But Criteo weathered those tempests and has now taken the lead in the programmatic retail media category, Insider reports.

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Meta Avoids Fine With Online-Ads Pledges in French Probe

Meta Platforms Inc. avoided heavy fines after offering to address French antitrust concerns over its online advertising market. In July last year, Meta proposed a series of commitments to address concerns that Facebook’s behavior may make it harder to view available ad space online, and on smart phones, as well as data linked to campaigns on the social network.

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Rory Mitchell of Criteo on the Top 5 Ways to Market, Advertise & Promote an Ecommerce Business Today

As a part of our series called “The Top 5 Ways To Market, Advertise & Promote An Ecommerce Business Today”, we had the pleasure of interviewing Rory Mitchell. Rory Mitchell is Executive Managing Director of the Americas. He leads Criteo’s commercial team across the United States, Canada and Latin America, including customer success, operational efficiency and revenue.

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Companies Like Walmart and Klarna Are Hiring These 10 Adtech Firms to Cash In on Retail Media’s Growth

Retailers like Walmart, Michaels, and Kroger are aggressively building advertising arms, and advertising-technology companies want to cash in. Retailers see an opportunity to get a piece of an industry that's dominated by Amazon but growing. Boston Consulting Group has estimated that e-commerce advertising will grow to $100 billion by 2026, representing 25% of total digital-media spending.